QUVRY Video Calls, Connecting Real Spaces

This Christmas, use QUVRY to make full-screen HD Video Calls on any Smart TV (compatible device. ?)

Works with every iPhone, iOS15 Compatible.

Download the app, invite your friends, and enjoy our 7 days free trial!


Video Call in stunning HD

Your iPhone’s rear camera has the ability to record ultra-wide video in 4K at 60fps granting an extended dynamic range, with a never compromised video quality.

Casting to TV made easy

QUVRY is the only application that uses "Screen Mirroring" to cast Video Calls to your TV, without any annoying black bars. You can even use your lightning-HDMI cable for it.

Make the most out of your device

With no additional hardware required, QUVRY enables you to cast 4K - ultra HD video calls on full screen. No image distortions, it’s more than simply screen mirroring.

*Please note optimal video calling experiences are dependant on the quality of your internet connection

Just 5 SIMPLE Steps to enjoy QUVRY!

Download the app

Invite friends

Wear headphones

Rotate the screen

Cast on TV

Who we are

We are a London-based Innovative Startup funded in 2020 that provides mobile app solutions for higher quality video calls using our common tech appliances. 

We are 4, Aldo (CEO), Alex (CMO), Victor (Social Media & Product Testing), and Craig (CTO), coming from different backgrounds but having one common passion: to help people get more from their existing devices.  

Coming Soon: QUVRY for Android and a more intimate and personalized offering for communities online.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this experience for you, tell us! We love to hear from you.

And if you are interested in investing with us in a "non-metaverse" future... 

contact us here: [email protected]

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